Sarah M Case
Sarah M Case
It’s a Great Day To Be Alive


Sarah M Case

Hmmmm the About section. I know it's weird but I don't truly know what to put here. I mean I know it should be a summary of key points about myself and what's to come in my blog posts if you choose to read my blog that is. I'm sure I'm supposed to say something real gabby that makes you wonder what the heck may be in my future blogs.

Truth is. I'm not a professional writer. I don't even read a ton. I'm really not sure you'll ever hear my name again after you exit out of this 'About' section or if you'll even be interested in finishing it but I guess you could say, I have a Story. My name is Sarah.

Back to this story thing. Mind you it's not one that ends with a tragedy but its is one filled with it along with some pretty awesome stuff too. A story that for some reason I feel compelled to share even though I'm well aware I may be the only one feeling this compulsion. A story through my blogs that I guess maybe I want to share in hopes it helps me completely heal from my past and can possible help someone who's been through similar things not feel so alone.

I know my story is not the worst story of a rough life. I know I'm blessed beyond measure. But's it's a story none the less and it's mine. And now I want to share it with you through a series of blog posts.

A story that maybe by sharing will help me learn from my readers lively insight in ideas how to put the pieces of the puzzle together. A story of trials and triumphs, perseverance always ending in turning a perceived negative into an attainable positive.

A story for my children to read. They may very well be the only ones who read every word and think it's rad but that's okay too. That's my number one goal with this.

My story is a story of a girl, not a famous girl (never will be), not a medical miracle, or a cool new phenom. Just a girl, not a cool girl, just me.

I'm just you, maybe someone you know, maybe someone you've yet to meet. Maybe the person in front of you at the check out line, behind you in the school drop off line or serving you lunch at the local hot spot.

Someone you will likely only see once, maybe smile as you walk by, presumably engage in small chit chat and then never see the likes of your eyes ever again. BUT someone; a you, that's on this earth, walking beside you. Someone with a story just like you with ever shifting differing variables.

In the end we are all just trying to survive another day. A day hopefully filled with love but assuredly sorrow and hardships to boot. We don't necessarily have to know everyone's story per say. To simply understand that we are all just a piece of this enormous puzzle all individually trying to put it all together would be suffice. Some days the pieces to fit in perfect harmony, some days I can't even find the damn puzzle.

So here's to putting some words down in writing that my heart keeps telling me to do so and my brain often interjects saying, who the hell cares.

A series of blogs that my mind whirls about and desires to write and share along with some cool imagery to help you figure out what the heck goes on in this abyss of a mind.

You only live once. If there's ANYTHING I leave my kids it is the ideal to hold tight the firm unshakable foundation to always follow your heart. It may get broken, it may not make sense in your head but just go with it and the rest will sort itself out. 

I look forward to sharing with you and I hope to hear your stories as well.

So not sure how to conclude this non-textbook 'About' Section. The End?Some inspirational quote or saying? Ah heck, I'll just leave you with the saying that I'm sure to blog about at some point. A saying that drives my every move and embedded in every fiber of my being.

It's a GREAT day to be ALIVE!!! . . .